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Founded by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) in 2021

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IBERA promotes the conduct of scientifically robust and technically advanced assessments of risks from chemical exposure through certification of individuals with demonstrated expertise in Environmental Risk Assessment.

While the main focus of the association is on ecological risks from chemicals, the interaction with other stressors and connection with human health is also considered.

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IBERA certification is a significant achievement that demonstrates expertise in environmental risk assessment (ERA)

Benefits to IBERA Diplomates

  • International recognition of broad, high-level expertise and skills in ERA , including by employers of environmental risk assessors

  • Enhanced credibility in consulting and expert testimony

  • Entry into a new professional international network

  • A professional benchmark for continued career development

  • Personal satisfaction and intellectual stimulation

  • Opportunity to contribute to keeping IBERA responsive and relevant, including voting rights and the ability to stand for election to the IBERA council

Benefits to Employers

  • Objective, independent demonstration of expertise and scientific credibility of your employees and your company in ERA

  • Access to IBERA Diplomate network 

In a 2016 survey by SETAC North America, nearly half of the respondents (641 of 1396 respondents) indicated that they would pursue a professional certification in ecological risk assessment.  The surveyed population was divided roughly equally between academia, industry, and government.

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