Congratulations to the IBERA certified environmental risk assessors, which demonstrated their expertise in Environmental Risk Assessment.

  • Charmaine Ajao, ECHA, Finland
  • Nikola Bitsch, Celanese Deutschland Holding GmbH, Germany
  • Bart Brossuyt, Huntsman Europe, Belgium
  • Ingrid Bremmer, ctgb, Netherlands
  • Kirsten Broadgate, WSP Golder, Australia
  • Amy Brooks, CEA, United Kingdom
  • Hulting Chen, ExxonMobil (China), China
  • Marie Collard, Firmenich SA, Belgium
  • Jason Conder, Geosyntec Consultants, USA
  • Karel De Schamphelaere, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Nele Deleebeeck, Arcadis, Belgium
  • Rob Franken, ctgb, Netherlands
  • Emily Garman, NiPERA Inc., USA
  • Heather Govenor, EnSafe, USA
  • Cozmina Link-Vrabie, ctgb, Netherlands
  • David Mayfield, Labcorp, USA
  • Christopher McCarthy, Jacobs, USA
  • Emily McVey, ctgb, Netherlands
  • Elizabeth Middleton, NiPERA Inc., USA
  • Caroline Moermond, RIVM, Netherlands
  • Mark Montforts, RIVM, Netherlands
  • Sabine Navis, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  • Erick Noon, Smithers ERS, United Kingdom
  • Stanislas Pauwels, Integral Consulting, Inc, USA
  • Leo Posthuma, RIVM, Netherlands
  • Richard Prann, Stantec, USA
  • Konstantious Prevedouros, ECHA, Finland
  • Trudy Pulley, Jacobs Engineering Group, USA
  • Kelly Quinlan Kappler, Johnson & Johnson, USA
  • Vickie Reat, WSP USA, USA
  • Margaret Roy, Golder/WSP and Independent Consultant, USA
  • Mascha Rubach, ctgb, Netherlands
  • Gustavo Santos, Syngenta, Brazil
  • Mathijs Smit, Shell, Netherlands
  • Marta Sobanska, ECHA, Finland
  • Olivia Tran, wca, United Kingdom
  • Inge van Ginneken, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium
  • Patrick van Sprang, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  • Peter va Vliet, ctgb, Netherlands
  • An Vanden Bosch, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  • Frederik Verdonck, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  • Karel Viaene, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  • Jacoba Wassenberg, ctgb, Netherlands
  • James Wheeler, Shell, Netherlands
  • Jan Wölz, Currenta, Germany
  • Jeanmarie Zondrow, Geosyntec Consultants, USA
  • Mathilde Zorn, ctgb, Netherlands
  • Jan Achtenhagen, Knoell, Germany
  • Constantijn Baken, ICA, Belgium
  • Brian Church, Winward Environmental, USA
  • Merete Grung, NIVA, Norway
  • Nicole Knezevich, GHD, Canada
  • Samantha Martins, NIVA, Norway
  • Francis Ramacciotti, GHD, USA
  • Zhi-Yi, Rong, Lubrizol Corporation, China
  • John Schaffer, Tetra Tech, USA
  • Vasudha, Singh, Kimberly-Clark, India
  • Harald Streicher, Beiersdorf, Germany
  • Alex Testoff, Montrose Environmental Solutions, USA
  • Sagar Thakali, Kenvue, USA
  • Stijn Van Hees, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  • Ralf Arno Wess, IES Ltd, Switzerland


“The IBERA certification is not just a set of letters added to my resume. For me, receiving the certification reinforced confidence in my own knowledge as an environmental risk assessor and provided a network of colleagues with whom I can rely on when confronted with the toughest questions in environmental risk assessment.” – Class of 2023
Elizabeth (Ellie) Middleton, NiPERA, Inc.
“Often competitive requests for proposals or research grants seek identified key positions that must be filled with credentials of certifications of a Ph.D. In those cases, even when my experience met or exceeded what was required, I was either ineligible or lost points. When I saw the IBERA certification advertised, I felt the requirement to pass an exam added an additional level of prestige to the certification. Passing the exam brought personal satisfaction and hopefully will bring distinction in helping to be selected for future work.” – Class of 2023
Christopher (Chris) McCarthy, Jacobs

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