As an applicant, you will already have significant experience in environmental risk assessment (ERA). You may wish to use information below to develop a study plan.

Review the list of the exam Domains and Subdomains. Note the keywords and concepts and the expected levels of understanding associated with each. Levels of understanding range from simple recognition to complex integration and are listed below in order of increasing complexity. The first word of the subdomain will match one of those listed here, and that will determine the level of difficulty at which the questions in that subdomain are written:

  • Knowledge – Identify, Recognize

  • Comprehension – Differentiate

  • Application – Apply, Demonstrate, Interpret, Utilize

  • Analysis – Distinguish

  • Synthesis – Design, Integrate, Organize

  • Evaluation – Derive, Assess, Estimate, Evaluate

Please look at the keywords in domains/subdomains to help develop your review strategy for the exam. Review at least one key reference book on Ecotoxicology/Environmental Toxicology/ERA (examples are given below). In addition, use the suggested links under Guidance below to improve your familiarity with your keyword list as you see fit.


Use key reference books in the topic area of ERA, as needed, to refresh your knowledge on any of topics in the domains/subdomains. This is not a comprehensive listing of relevant books and you may rely on others sources, as needed.


Use the following links, as needed, to refresh your knowledge on any of the topics in the domains/subdomains. You may have other sources to consult, use them.

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